QRP is working with recyclers in several locations around the country forming new QRP groups. A QRP group is a for-profit corporation owned by the member recyclers in a given market area. They form a company and hire employees to market their parts more effectively to the insurance industry. The QRP program comes with an extensive package of technology that levels the playing field for independent recyclers. QRP has developed a whole suite of web-enabled functions that augment the capabilities of your Inventory Management System regardless of the kind of system you have. In fact one of the great things about the QRP program is that it can bring together recyclers in a market area regardless of the computer system vendors that they choose to use. This is done with a very interesting collection of programs called "IMS-Web" that is available only through the QRP programs. Are you interested in learning more about what QRP may be able to do for your market place? Click on the Contact button on the left.
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